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Are silicone molds microwave safe?


Silicone bakeware is made from bonded silicon and oxygen and it was deemed safe by the FDA in 1979. The silicone used in bakeware is inert, so it’s non-toxic and won’t harm the food in any way.

However, some experts and silicone bakeware reviewers have warned against silicone that contains fillers, which can cause sticking and bad odors to leak into the food. The best way to test your silicone bakeware for fillers is by twisting it or pinching it. If some white shows through the silicone, then it contains fillers. Discontinue use of this product and instead look for higher-grade silicone bakeware.


Although the term silicone may make you think of plastic surgery, silicone bakeware is actually safe to use and has a lot of advantages over its metal and glass counterparts.


Silicone the temperature range: -40 °C-230 °C2. They're oven, microwave, and freezer safe. And you canwash them in the dishwasher. That means there are a lot of possibilities.













































How to mold chocolate at home?

Chocolate shapes are fun to make, look great, and are interesting.We'll cover three methods: the quick and easy way -- melting your chocolate in melting bowl(do not heat directly, it will be burnt), tempering your chocolate over a double boiler and placing it into molds or cookie cutters, and melting it just to create artsy garnishes. They are a great treat for holidays and quickly and easily turn any dish into your own.


Step 1

Melt the chocolate in a melting bowl,(Do not heat directly, it will be burnt)

Step 2

Put the liquid chocolate into the piping bag.

Step 3

Snip off the tip,Squeeze into the first layer of color along the mold contour. Let is set for one minute, then the second layer of color,third, fourth...until chocolate fill the mold.

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Step 4

Fill each mold one by one. Then place the chocolate for 30 minutes in the freezer.

Step 5

Deld the Chocolate. It is easy to demould the chocolate. Put the chocolate one by one on the cake to decorate it.

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What are cake decorating tools

Cake leveler.

Cake board.


Spatula and scraper.

Piping tips and couplers.

Piping bags.

Cake Lace Mats&Accessories

Cake Smoothers

Cake Scrapers

Cake Crimpers

Cake Stencils

Cake Icing Turntable

Cake Templates&Textured Sheets

Sugar Icing Flower Making

Flower&Leaf Veiners

Icing&Cookie Cutter

Piping bags

Icing Nozzles

Cake Leverllers

Icing Sugarcrafe Modelling tools

Non stick board&Mats

Rolling pins

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