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How should I prepare for opening a bakery?

A baking instructor with 15 years of experience is here to teach you!

Opening a warm and fragrant bakery is a long-awaited dream for most people. Put three or two seats, sell some bread, cakes, and coffee, and inspire more people to enjoy life with delicious food.


Most of the bakery shops are taking a fancy to the market prospects, and found that baking is no longer a place for consumption during holidays, but gradually becomes a daily life product, a delicacy that is eaten every day, and there are many consumer groups. Suitable for all ages.

Next, with 15 years of experience in baking, I will put together a bakery shop “Guide to Opening a Shop” for everyone to answer the doubts about starting a business for friends who want to open a shop!

Fund preparation

As much as shop rent, decoration costs and large kitchen appliances such as ovens and refrigerators, as small as tableware and packaging. You also need to consider how long it will take to open a store to reach breakeven, and before that, how much money you need to support your business.


We can simply divide the total cost of the store into variable costs and fixed costs to calculate. Variable costs are raw material costs and packaging costs, while other costs such as shop rent, wages, and utilities are all classified as fixed costs.

Breakeven point sales volume = total fixed cost / (unit price of product-unit variable cost)

For example, if the monthly fixed cost is 30,000 yuan, the unit variable cost is 1 yuan, and the average product unit price is 5 yuan, then 30,000/(5-1)=7500 breads need to be sold every month to cover the cost.

We need to make risk assessments and solutions in advance. When the funds in our hands are not enough, what methods do we use to obtain funds?

Whether it is a loan or through other channels, it is necessary to make a careful plan to avoid the situation that the capital chain is broken in the later stage and affects the opening process.

Only by making good capital budget in the early stage, can the later stage projects be carried out in an orderly manner in the later stage.

Determine the location


Usually, when opening a store in a commercial area, most of the customers are white-collar workers; when opening a store in a residential area, it is mainly faced by residents, supplemented by mobile customers. You know, your customer positioning determines your future sales strategy.

This is one of the key factors for business success. Choose a business district or a residential area; choose a prosperous downtown, or although it is not a main road in the city, but the flow of people is stable, and there are large organizations, units or institutions around, such as schools, training institutions and other less prosperous areas; choose a nearby residential area The street-side house, whether to enter a large shopping mall, and so on, all depend on your customer positioning and investment scale.

Good site selection is half the battle. For example, if you choose to open a store in an unobtrusive but potential location, there are medium and large institutions and units nearby, the future population will increase, the potential purchasing power is large, and similar stores have not appeared in the surrounding area, then you can pay attention to it.

Generally speaking, successful site selection cannot escape these four aspects:

✔ The location will change from cold to hot in the near future;

✔ One side of the street close to large companies, large units and large institutions;

✔ The population will inevitably increase in the future;

✔ Nearby shops with complementary business directions are neighbors.

Carry out shop renovation

The decoration must give people a warm and bright feeling. Regardless of whether the positioning of the bakery is high-end or low-end, it must give people a hygienic, clean and bright visual impression. Layout a neat and attractive storefront, far more than luxurious decoration can give customers a warm and comfortable feeling.

Good decoration and space design can attract customers to actively enter the store. The light in the store must be sufficient. Baked products are high-frequency consumer foods. Customers not only look at the taste, but also care about the price. Therefore, as long as it is coordinated with the surrounding commercial environment of the decoration, the design of the door face can effectively attract customers, and the decoration need not be too luxurious.


Equipment Purchase

Bakers know that it is impossible to have technology without good equipment as an auxiliary. A good oven can determine the quality and taste of the product, so if you want to open a good bakery, you can’t be stingy in terms of equipment.

The equipment can be divided into production equipment, display furniture, cashier monitoring and other miscellaneous equipment. Noodle maker, oven, sink, workbench, four-door freezer, etc. can be purchased according to the size of the store.


Product structure should be reasonable

In the bakery business, the sales of cakes are very profitable. Although the sales of bread are marginal, the sales are relatively large. In the sales of ordinary bakery shops, the sales of cakes are about 50-60%, the sales of breads are 30-40%, and the others are about 20%. In store sales in high-end commercial districts, the sales ratio of cakes to bread is exactly the opposite.

It can be seen that different positioning will produce different sales results. On the contrary, if the target customers are different, your product structure and sales strategy will also have obvious differences.

For investors, opening a comprehensive bakery is far more effective than a single operation. There are bread, cakes, and different drinks, which can be taken away by retail or have a rest, providing customers with a variety of choices , Talent store business is booming.

Raw material supplier

Choosing a good raw material supplier will not only provide high-quality product raw materials, but also provide more high-quality supporting services and create more commercial value. When choosing a supplier, remember to choose a mature enterprise.

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Product packaging materials

Design and register a special, interesting, clear, easy-to-remember and meaningful trademark, paving the way for the creation of brand-name products in the future.

How to make your bakery unique, customers will never forget it once they come! It is something that every roaster should think about.


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