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How to Remove Chocolate from Molds

Making chocolate is something that many people absolutely love doing. It can be really satisfying to create your own delicious chocolate, but that doesn’t mean that everything is going to be easy.
When you’re new to the world of making your own chocolate, you might discover that getting the chocolate out of the molds is a tough thing to accomplish. Some people have a really hard time removing chocolate from the molds without having the chocolate break.

If you’ve been struggling with this, then there are a few things that you can try to have a better experience. Keep reading to learn about your options so that you can make chocolate and have it look great without any cracks or breaks.

These tips should be practical for everyone and they aren’t hard to implement in any way. This practical advice will serve you well on your chocolate-making journey.

Pry the Chocolate Out Carefully
One of the most obvious things that you can try to do is to pry the chocolate out of the molds. Of course, this could go wrong and wind up breaking the chocolate if you aren’t extremely careful.

Some people have had success using thin tools such as butter knives to gently pry the chocolates out of the molds. You could try wedging some type of thin tool underneath the chocolate on both sides and then slowly lift the chocolate out.
There is a method to doing this successfully that is hard to put into words. It involves going very slowly and understanding what is going to be too much for the chocolate to take.

If your chocolate is very thin and not that strong, then this method is likely going to end with the chocolate breaking.

The practicality of this tip will mostly depend on the type of chocolates that you’re making.

Change Your Mold/Pan
Some pans are better for making chocolates than others and the problems that you’re experiencing might be related to the pan itself. Are you using molds and pans that are specifically meant for traditional chocolates?

If you’re using molds that are generally used for other types of baking, then they might not be well-suited for this task. It could be causing the chocolate to stick more than it normally would if you were using the right type of mold.
Remember that you can take the time to go buy a traditional chocolate mold and you’ll likely get better results. You could also try to make do with what you currently have by taking a few steps.

Washing the mold thoroughly could make a difference and make it easier to get the chocolates out. Some people have reported success when they took the time to scrub the molds rigorously to ensure that the sides would not stick.

It’s worth noting that most chocolate molds aren’t meant to be scrubbed with soap. You’d generally just want to use hot water when cleaning them.
All of this comes down to the type of mold that you have decided to use for this. You might need to find some specific information about the mold that you’ve chosen to know what to do.

Your Chocolate Needs a Good Temper
Another potential issue that needs to be addressed involves the temper of your chocolate. Your chocolates will break easily if they’re not as strong as they should be.

This could mean that you should make adjustments to the ways that you’re making the chocolates. For example, you might not be stirring enough if you’re making chocolates using melted candy or something else similar.

Have you been noticing shiny parts in your chocolate? This could be a sign that you haven’t incorporated the fat properly. Try to stir things more to incorporate the fat and you should have a stronger chocolate that won’t break quite so easily.

Give this a try the next time you’re making chocolates and see if it improves things.

Cool the Chocolate More Before Removing
Some people make the mistake of trying to remove the chocolates too soon after making them. You shouldn’t try to remove them from the molds while they’re still hot.

Waiting until things cool down will make it much easier and it’ll be less likely that you’ll break the chocolates. You could even refrigerate the chocolate in the molds for a while once they have reached room temperature.

You might have heard some people mention placing your chocolates in the freezer to make getting them out easier, too. While some people have said that this allowed them to get the chocolates out of the molds without breaking, it’s not necessarily a recommended idea. It could work in your situation, but it could also cause you some problems.

Just try cooling the chocolates normally before removing them from the molds and you should get good results so long as the chocolates were made strong enough.

Tap the Pan/Mold
Tapping the pan or mold is something that could work out well, too. You might think that you should attempt to get chocolate out of your mold similarly to how you would remove ice cubes from a tray.

This is not the case and you actually want to try to gently tap the chocolate out. It’s possible that the chocolates aren’t really sticking more than normal and that you’ve just been using the wrong technique.

Lay something soft down on your table or countertop before attempting this. Gently tap the bottom of the mold to try to get the chocolates to pop out. If all goes correctly, then the chocolates should fall right out and they shouldn’t break because you gave them something soft to land on.

Try this method out and see if it solves your problems with the chocolates breaking.

Final Thoughts
Now you should have a much better idea of what to do to remove chocolates from molds without breaking them. It might not always be easy to accomplish this, but you can have much more reliable results if you use the tips above. It should help you to make presentable chocolates that also taste amazing.

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