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Baking, when people say these two words gently, bread, cake, butter, biscuits and other foods may unconsciously appear in their minds. The two words “baking” seem to be warm. When you read it lightly, you can feel the flames in the stove. The two words “baking” seem to be flavorful. When you read it lightly, you can feel the sweetness from the tip of your tongue.

According to historical records, the origin of baked goods comes from the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians first discovered and used the fermentation method to bake food-bread. Of course, at that time they didn’t have any advanced baking tools to make bread. The original oven used by the Egyptians was a circular oven made of clay. It had an opening at the top to keep the air circulating and a fire at the bottom.

When the temperature in the oven reached a high level, the fire was extinguished and the ashes were removed. Put the prepared dough into the bottom of the furnace and use the residual heat in the furnace to bake it. As the oldest baking method, it has been preserved and improved, and continues to this day with far-reaching influence.

After experiencing the baptism of the Middle Ages and the development of modern times, baking is no longer a symbol of social status, but has entered thousands of households, and everyone can bake.

With the development of economy and people’s pursuit of quality of life, people are constantly improving and innovating baking. From cooking methods to cooking tools, from the taste of food to the appearance of things, people began to pay attention to the baking

All aspects. What I have to mention here is the baking tools. People’s pursuit of baking tools, from the initial practicality first, to the combination of practicality, innovation, and beauty today, people are constantly interpreting the meaning of baking. It is no longer a social status symbol, a means of earning a living, simple cooking or other things.

Baking is a way of life, or even a kind of culture, a way of transmitting happiness and thinking about life rooted in people’s hearts. People will communicate with things during the baking process, integrate their own self-examinations, integrate their emotions and even their souls during the baking process. Later, people used baked products-cakes, breads, biscuits-to convey joy and happiness.

The continuous improvement of baking tools and Chong Hing also brings more possibilities for creators. The shapes, sizes, and effects that people wanted to make but couldn’t do in the past can now be realized one by one. People’s lives continue, and baking continues. People’s pursuit of baking is talking about life, and the pursuit of happiness continues. This will definitely promote the continuous innovation and development of baking tools, which in turn will promote the development of baking. So repeatedly.

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Time keeps moving forward and society continues to develop. In the process of becoming history and creating history, people are constantly experiencing changes and abandonments brought about by the development of science and technology. Our way of life is also changing over and over again.

We are gradually reducing our dependence on the Internet. We can eat meals from restaurants a few kilometers away at home without going out, and we can do almost everything at home without going out. For shopping, we gradually stopped paying in cash. But there is one thing that we are constantly initiating and giving up at the same time, we have always insisted on and loved very much-that is cooking.

Cooking, a concept that has existed almost when humans appeared and began to multiply. Until now, it can no longer be simply understood as completing a meal. It is the embodiment of a family lifestyle, the living customs of a region, and the embodiment of different nationalities, different races, and cultures.

Cooking has evolved into a variety of methods, factions, tastes, and even inheritance. People use a variety of kitchen tools to complete the processing and cooking of all kinds of things. While people are pursuing taste, they are also constantly pursuing the beauty and exquisiteness of food. The continuous improvement of kitchen tools and derivative innovations also bring more creative possibilities to people.

People’s pursuit of kitchen tools, from the first practicality first, to the combination of practicality, innovation and aesthetics nowadays. He must continue to adapt to people’s more sophisticated processing requirements, but also to meet people’s increasingly strict cooking requirements.

What’s more, he should constantly be used to promote people’s lives. In other words, he wants us to make it more convenient, faster, and more efficient to complete food that was only possible for a long time before. Moreover, he has to cater enough to the current lifestyles of people.

Take the breakfast machine,  for example. In the morning when people are in a hurry, it can help people finish coffee and sandwiches more efficiently and conveniently.

It is precisely because of the continuous changes in people’s aesthetic styles, lifestyles, and rhythms of life that there are stricter requirements for kitchen tools: beautiful, practical, simple and fast.

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