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Cake Tool

Cake Tool

Cake Tools for making cake decorations

Rubber scraper, plastic scraper

The plastic cake tools scraper is a small but useful tool that can be used in many situations. When kneading the dough, the dough stuck on the chopping board can be shoveled off. It can also help us move the shaped dough to the baking tray.

The rubber spatula is a flat soft spatula suitable for mixing batter. It is the most powerful tool when making chiffon cakes and mixing egg white paste and egg yolk paste. And while stirring, it can stick to the wall of the bowl tightly, scraping the cake batter attached to the wall of the bowl cleanly.

Round cake mold- another kind of cake tools

If you don’t make a cake, you don’t really have baked it. There must be at least one 8-inch or 6-inch round cake mold. Buying live bottom molds will make it easier to demold. If you want to make chiffon cakes, do not buy non-stick cake molds.

Useful cake tools accessories -piping tips, decorating bag

Can be used to decorate flowers. When making cookies and puffs, you can also use them to squeeze out the colorful butter. Different decorating nozzles can squeeze out different patterns. You can purchase a single decorating nozzle or a complete set according to your needs.

Basice cake tools -Decorating turntable

Tools for making decorative cakes. Placing the cake on the turntable can facilitate smoothing and decorating of whipped cream.

Most-use cake tools -s/s spatula

When making table flower cake, it is used to smooth the whipped cream on the cake.

Various styles of cake cups

It is used to make muffin cakes and other cupcakes. There are many sizes and colors to choose from, and you can buy them according to your hobbies.

Circular cutting die

A set of cutting dies of different sizes can cut round dough pieces. In addition to this round shape, there is also a chrysanthemum-shaped cutting die.

Tower model, pie plate

Necessary tools for making pies and pagoda snacks. Friends who come to my blog frequently should know that there is a category in the blog, which is “pai, pagoda pastry”. If you want to make this type of pastry, patty and patty are both necessary. There are many specifications of pie and trays, with different sizes, shades, and laces, which can be purchased according to your needs.

Pudding mold, small cake mold

Used to make various puddings, small cakes, etc. There are various styles of these small molds, all of which can be purchased according to your own preferences.

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